A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Proceedings for 3rd CAA Conference 1999

Danson, Myles CAA Officer and Conference Organiser, Loughborough University

Bull, Joanna. Update on the National TLTP3 Project: The implementation and evaluation of computer-assisted assessment (PDF file size: 74 KB)


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Aluisio, Sandra M. and Oliveira, Osvaldo N. Jr.
An innovative computer assisted proficiency test of English for academic purposes (PDF file size: 329 KB)

Christie, James R.,
Automated essay marking - for style and content (PDF file size: 91 KB)

Crofts, Andy.
Enabling the reuse of CAA by design (PDF file size: 108 KB)

Dalziel, James and Gazzard, Scott. ,
Next generation computer assisted assessment software: the design and implementation of WebMCQ (PDF file size: 115 KB)

Davies, Phil.,
Learning through assessment OLAL ... On-line assessment and learning (PDF file size: 115 KB)

Dowsing, R.D. and Long, S.,
Evidence, assessment criteria and the difficulty of automated IT skills assessment (PDF file size: 92 KB)

Farthing, Dave W. and McPhee, Duncan.,
Multiple choice for honours-level students? A statistical evaluation (PDF file size: 133 KB)

Kjöllerström, Bengt and Mårtensson, Magnus,
Success in CAA will change the way we learn (PDF file size: 84 KB)

McCabe, Michael and Daugherty, Brian,
Extra sensory perception - extending the power of QM Perception (PDF file size: 366 KB)

Mulligan, Brian,
Pilot study on the impact of frequent computerized assessment on student work rates (PDF file size: 103 KB)

Nicholls, Joe.
The Web between lectures and self managed learning (PDF file size: 356 KB)

Raine, Joan.
Towards the introduction of institution wide computer assisted assessment: a service department experience (PDF file size: 105 KB)

Sly, Leith and Rennie, Leonie J.,
Computer managed learning: its use in formative as well as summative assessment (PDF file size: 111 KB)

Sutcliffe, R.G.
Introduction of a range of computer-based objective tests in the examination of Genetics in first year Biology (PDF file size: 183 KB)

Whittington, Dave and Hunt, Helen,
Approaches to the computerized assessment of free text responses (PDF file size: 105 KB)


Bennett, Steve, Oliver, Andrew and Pinn, Ashley.
The uptake of CAA: some theory! Some Practice! (PDF file size: 93 KB)

Mackenzie, Don.
Recent developments in the Tripartite Interactive Assessment Delivery System (TRIADS) (PDF file size: 2555 KB)

McKenna, C. and Bull, Joanna.
Designing effective objective test questions: an introductory workshop (PDF file size: 73 KB)

Whigham, David and Houston, John.
On-line delivery and marking of Excel based assessments (PDF file size: 105 KB)

Williams, Jon Sims., Barry, Mike and Maher, John.
A National database test serve (PDF file size: 107 KB)