A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Proceedings for 4th CAA Conference 2000

Myles Danson, CAA Officer and Conference Organiser, Loughborough University
Anne Hilton, Director of Learning and Teaching Development

Keynote: (PDF file size: 36 KB)
Bull, Joanna and McKenna, Colleen. Computer-assisted Assessment Centre (TLTP3) Update


PDF documents will open in a new browser window)

White, Su and Davis, Hugh.
Creating large-scale test banks: a briefing for participative discussion of issues and agendas (PDF file size: 38 KB)

Kleeman, John.
Getting More Meaning from the Results of CAA Discussion forum introduction (PDF file size: 32 KB)

Fröhlich, Robert.
Keeping the wolves from the doors… wolves in sheep’s clothing, that is (PDF file size: 47 KB)

Sclater, Niall.
The Scottish Computer Assisted Assessment Network (PDF file size: 41 KB)

Pollock, M.J., Whittington, C.D. and Doughty, G.F.
Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of changing to CAA (PDF file size: 40 KB)

Doubleday, Fiona.
CAA as innovation capable of affecting change (PDF file size: 31 KB)

Smythe, Colin and Roberts, P.
An Overview of the IMS Question & Test Interoperability Specification (PDF file size: 53 KB)

Abdullah, Sophiana Chua and Cooley, Roger E.
Using Constraints to Develop and Deliver Adaptive Tests (PDF file size: 46 KB)

Thomas, Pete and Taylor, Dean.
Reducing the distance in distance education (PDF file size: 98 KB)

Cleave-Hogg, D, Morgan, P. and Guest, C.
Evaluation of Medical Students’ Performance in Anaesthesia Using a CAE Med-Link Simulator System (PDF file size: 33 KB)

Crofts, Andy, Foster, Maureen, McAlpine, Mhairi, Rist, Roger and Tomes, Nils.
User Experiences of Choosing and Implementing Web-Based Computer Aided Assessment (PDF file size: 72 KB)

Jefferies, Pat, Constable, Ian, Kiely, Brian, Richardson, Diane, and Abraham, Ann.
Computer Aided Assessment using WebCT (PDF file size: 57 KB)

Belton, Martin and Kleeman, John.
Latest Advances in Perception (PDF file size: 25 KB)

MacKay, Bruce R. and Emerson, Lisa.
Web-based assessment of writing skills (PDF file size: 98 KB)

Long, Stewart.
Lessons in the Development and Deployment of Automated IT Skills Accreditation (PDF file size: 42 KB)

Mackenzie, Don.
Production and delivery of TRIADS Assessments on a university-wide basis (PDF file size: 137 KB)

Irving, Ann, Read, Martin, Hunt, Adrian and Knight, Sarah.
Use of Information Technology in Exam Revision (PDF file size: 50 KB)

Dalziel, James.
Integrating computer assisted assessment with textbooks and question banks: Options for enhancing learning (PDF file size: 54 KB)