A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Proceedings for 5th CAA Conference 2001

Foreword: Myles Danson, CAA Officer and Conference Organiser, Loughborough University

Keynote: Joanna Bull & Ian Hesketh. Computer Assisted Assessment Centre Update (PDF file size: 29 KB)


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Baggott, Glenn and Rayne, Richard.
Learning support for mature, part-time, evening students: providing feedback via frequent, computer-based assessments (PDF file size: 46 KB)

Belton, Martin and Kleeman, John.
New developments in Perception designed to meet changing face of CAA (PDF file size: 18 KB)

Beverly, Julie, Beverly, Eric, Clarke, Mike and White, Sid.
Changing Perceptions in Language Learning and Testing (PDF file size: 83 KB)

Burstein, Jill, Leacock, Claudia and Swartz, Richard.
Automated Evaluation of Essays and Short Answers (PDF file size: 52 KB)

Callear, David, Jerrams-Smith, Jenny and Soh, Victor.
CAA of Short Non-MCQ Answers (PDF file size:47 KB)

Crisp, Geoffrey.
Interactivity in Online Assessment in Science (PDF file size: 215 KB)

Cross, John.
Computerised Formative Assessment in Very Large Laboratory Classes (PDF file size: 47 KB)

Dalziel, James.
Enhancing web-based learning with computer assisted assessment: Pedagogical and technical considerations (PDF file size: 37 KB)

Danson, Myles, Dawson, Bryan and Baseley, Tim.
Large Scale Implementation of Question Mark Perception (V2.5). Experiences at Loughborough University (PDF file size: 511 KB)

Daugherty, Brian.
Using Java Applets to Deliver Mathematics Assessment (PDF file size: 58 KB)

Davies, Phil.
Computer Aided Assessment MUST be more than multiple-choice tests for it to be academically credible? (PDF file size: 26 KB)

Demeersseman, Eddy, Wylin, Bert and Panen, Jos.
TOETS: development of a computer assisted assessment system (PDF file size: 15 KB)

Denton, Philip.
Generating and e-mailing Feedback to Students Using MS Office (PDF file size: 89 KB)

Duke - Williams, Emma and King, Terry.
Using Computer-Aided Assessment to Test Higher Level Learning Outcomes (PDF file size: 70 KB)

Foxley, Eric, Higgins, Colin, Hegazy, Tarek, Symeonidis, Pavlos and Tsintsifas, Athanasios.
The CourseMaster CBA System: Improvements over Ceilidh (PDF file size: 810 KB)

Geurts, Frans.
An Alternative Way of Using Multiple-Choice Questions (PDF file size: 51 KB)

Grebenik, Peter.
Getting more out of spreadsheets - Using Microsoft Excel to facilitate CAA (PDF file size: 31 KB)

Hanson, Julie, Millington, Clare and Freewood, Madeleine.
Developing a Methodology for Online Feedback and Assessment (PDF file size: 302 KB)

Harper, Ray.
Web-based Delivery of Courseware, Tutorials and Assessment with WebOL (PDF file size: 43 KB)

Kleeman, John, Keech, David and Wright, Stephen.
Soliciting feedback for a British Standard Code of Practice for Using IT in Delivering Assessments (PDF file size: 25 KB)

Lay, Steve and Sclater, Niall.
Question and test interoperability: an update on national and international developments (PDF file size: 65 KB)

Luo, Guangzhong, Seow, Anthony and Chin, Chew Lee.
Linking and Anchoring Techniques in Test Equating Using the Rasch Model (PDF file size: 112 KB)

McAlpine, Mhairi.
Using Computer Assisted Assessment to Facilitate Resource Selection (PDF file size: 28 KB)

McCabe, Michael, Heal, Ann and White, Alison.
The Integration of Group Response Systems into Teaching and LOLA, The Missing Link in Computer Assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 55 KB)

McKenna, Colleen.
Who's in control? Considering issues of power and control associated with the use of CAA: a discussion session (PDF file size: 18 KB)

McKenna, Colleen.
Academic Approaches and Attitudes Towards CAA: A Qualitative Study (PDF file size: 41 KB)

McLennay, Carole.
Evaluation of a small-scale implementation of Computer-assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 49 KB)

Maughan, Sarah, Peet, David and Willmott, Alan.
On-line Formative Assessment Item Banking and Learning Support (PDF file size: 40 KB)

Mostert, El-Marie and Knoetze, Johan.
Implementing an Electronic Portfolio Assessment Strategy: Multiple Pathways for Diverse Learners (PDF file size: 55 KB)

Nicholson, Dawn.
Computer-Aided Assessment as a Holistic Learning Tool in Geoscience (PDF file size: 40 KB)

O'Hare, David.
Student Views of Formative and Summative CAA (PDF file size: 49 KB)

O'Leary, Ros and Cook, Julian.
Wading through treacle: CAA at the University of Bristol (PDF file size: 54 KB)

Phipps, Lawrie and McCarthy, Dave.
Computer Assisted Assessment and Disabilities (PDF file size: 29 KB)

Rewitzky, Ingrid.
Towards Automated Testing (PDF file size: 25 KB)

Ricketts, Chris and Wilks, Sally.
Is Computer-Based Assessment Good for Students? (PDF file size: 27 KB)

Rosenthal, Andrew.
Automated email systems for submission and marking of course work (PDF file size: 45 KB)

Rowley, Paul, Crawford, Adam, Goh, Bee Lin and Goodman, Richard.
Combining Off-line and On-line Asessment for Distributed Learning (PDF file size: 56 KB)

Seow, Anthony, Chin, Chew Lee and Guanzhong, Luo.
CAA Validation in NIECELT and some Pedagogical Issues in Question Design and Content of an Innovative Cloze (PDF file size: 96 KB)

Solomans, Gail.
Access the Word - Access the World (PDF file size: 38 KB)

Stephens, Derek, Sargent, Goff and Brew, Ingrid.
Comparison of assessed work marking software: implications for the ideal Integrated Marking Tool (IMT) (PDF file size: 312 KB)

Thomas, Pete, Price, Blaine, Petre, Marian, Carswell, Linda and Richards, Mike.
Experiments with Electronic Examinations over the Internet (PDF file size: 54 KB)

Watts, Susan.
Integrated Computer-Assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 26 KB)

Wellington, Sean, White Su and Davis Hugh C.
Populating the Testbank: Experiences within the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Curriculum (PDF file size: 35 KB)

Williamson, Sarah, Lamb, Fiona and Bull, Joanna.
What can the Learning and Teaching Support Network offer you? (PDF file size: 27 KB)

Woodbury, John, Ratcliffe, Mark and Thomas, Lynda.
Building and Deploying an Extensible CAA System: from theory to practice (PDF file size: 122 KB)