A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

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Proceedings for 6th CAA Conference 2002

Foreword: Myles Danson, CAA Manager and Conference Organiser, Loughborough University


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Ashton H S and Beevers C E.
Extending Flexibility in an Existing On-line Assessment System (PDF file size: 144 KB)

Belton M and Knopf S.
Creating Assessments that Conform to W3C Accessibility Guidelines (PDF file size: 167 KB)

Best H.
Evaluating the Introduction of CBA into the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy of the Diagnostic Radiography Course at Sheffield Hallam University (PDF file size: 183 KB)

Bigdeli A. Boys J. and Coghill C.
“OASIS-F”: Development of a Fuzzy Online Assessment System (PDF file size: 213 KB)

Boyle A.
A Reflective Study on the use of CAA to Test Knowledge and Understanding of Mineralogy (PDF file size: 379 KB)

Conole G. and Bull J. (Day 1 Keynote)
Pebbles in the Pond: Evaluation of the CAA Centre (PDF file size: 155 KB)

Craven P. and Long S.
The Development and Application of an Expert Marker System to Support ‘High Stakes’ Examinations (PDF file size: 193 KB)

Daly C. and Waldron J.
Introductory Programming, Problem Solving and Computer Assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 232 KB)

Daly J. P.
An XML-based Question Bank using Microsoft Office (PDF file size: 150 KB)

Davies P.
“There’s no Confidence in Multiple-Choice Testing, ……” (PDF file size: 342 KB)

Grove-Stephensen I. Sclater N. Heath A.
Focus Group. Building a Compliance Audit for BS7988 "Code of Practice for the Use of Information Technology (IT) for the Delivery of Assessments" (PDF file size: 125 KB)

Harper R.
Allowing for Guessing and for the Expectations from the Learning Outcomes in Computer-Based Assessments (PDF file size: 305 KB)

Hatton S. Boyle A. Byrne S. Wooff C.
The Use of PGP to Provide Secure Email Delivery of CAA Results (PDF file size: 188 KB)

Kleeman J. Osborne C.
A Practical Look at Delivering Assessments to BS 7988 Recommendations (PDF file size: 115 KB)

Lilley M. and Barker T. (Day 2 Keynote)
The Development and Evaluation of a Computer-Adaptive Testing Application for English Language (PDF file size: 308 KB)

Mackenzie D. and O’Hare D.
Empirical Prediction of the Measurement Scale and Base Level ‘Guess Factor’ for Advanced Computer-based Assessments (PDF file size: 989 KB)

Mackenzie D. Hallam B. Baggott G. and Potts J.
Focus Group. TRIADS Experiences and Developments. A Panel Discussion. (PDF file size: 125 KB)

Mason O. and Grove-Stephenson I.
Automated free text marking with Paperless School (PDF file size: 127 KB)

McGuire G.R. Youngson M.A. Korabinski A.A and McMillan D.
Partial Credit in Mathematics Exams - a Comparison of Traditional and CAA Exams (PDF file size: 162 KB)

Mitchell T. Russell T. Broomhead P. and Aldridge N.
Towards Robust Computerised Marking of Free-Text Responses (PDF file size: 322 KB)

Moreale E. Whitelock D. Raw Y. and Watt S.
What Measures do we Need to Build an Electronic Monitoring Tool for Postgraduate Tutor Marked Assignments? (PDF file size: 136 KB)

O’Hare D. Boyle A. Hutchison D. and Patterson A.
Item Selection and Application in Higher Education (PDF file size: 227 KB)

Paterson J.S.
What's in a Name? - A New Hierarchy for Question Types (PDF file size: 161 KB)

Paterson J.S.
Linking on-line Assessment in Mathematics to Cognitive Skills (PDF file size: 255 KB)

Ricketts C. and Wilks S.
What Factors Affect Student Opinions of Computer-assisted Assessment? (PDF file size: 212 KB)

Sclater N. Low B. Barr N270.
Interoperability with CAA: Does it Work in Practice? (PDF file size: 288 KB)

Stevenson A. Sweeney P. Greenan K. Alexander S.
Integrating CAA within the University of Ulster (PDF file size: 207 KB)

Valenti S. Cucchiarelli A.
Extracting More Meaning from CAA Results Using Machine Learning (PDF file size: 182 KB)

Van Rentergem L. Cosemans D. Verburgh A. Wils A.
A Campus Wide Setup of Question Mark Perception (V2.5) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) – Facing a Large Scale Implementation (PDF file size: 293 KB)

Wood J. and Burrow M
Formative Assessment in Engineering Using "TRIADS" Software (PDF file size: 329 KB)