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Proceedings for 7th CAA Conference 2003

Foreword: James Christie


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Allan J Allan T Sherkat N
Automated Assessment of Children’s Handwritten Sentence Responses (PDF file size: 1093 KB)

Ashton HS Schofield DK Woodger SC
Piloting Summative Web Assessment in Secondary Education (PDF file size: 1183 KB)

Bacon RA
Assessing the use of a new QTI assessment tool within Physics (PDF file size: 1002 KB)

Blayney P Freeman M
Automated marking of individualised spreadsheet assignments: the impact of different formative self-assessment options (PDF file size: 2095 KB)

Boyle A O’Hare D
Finding appropriate methods to assure quality Computer-Based Assessment development in UK Higher Education (PDF file size: 1705 KB)

Christie J
Automated Essay Marking for Content ~ does it work? (PDF file size: 1293 KB)

Collins C
Performance-based item analysis for profiling skills and competencies for progress files (PDF file size: 64 KB)

Davis PV Cleere G
The ECDL test development and validation process (PDF file size: 919 KB)

Davies P
The Automatic Generation of ‘Marks for Marking’ within the Computerised Peer-Assessment of Essays (PDF file size: 4155 KB)

Denton P
Evaluation of the ‘Electronic Feedback’ Marking Assistant and Analysis of a Novel Collusion Detection Facility (PDF file size: 1982 KB)

Ellis W Ratcliffe M Thomasson B
Promoting Fairer Grading of Group Based Assessment Using Collaborative IT Tools (PDF file size: 1416 KB)

Gardner-Medwin AR Gahan M
Formative and Summative Confidence- Based Assessment (PDF file size: 1130 KB)

Hepplestone S Helm P
Strategies for coping with unexpected uptake of CBA (PDF file size: 878 KB)

Herd G
Joined up? Or just lucky? Implementing CAA in Scotland (PDF file size: 55 KB)

Lilley M Barker T
An Evaluation of a Computer Adaptive test in a UK University Context (PDF file size: 1247 KB)

MacKenzie D
Assessment for E-Learning: What are the features of an ideal e-assessment system? (PDF file size: 508 KB)

McAlpine M Hesketh I
Multiple Response Questions – Allowing for Chance in Authentic Assessments (PDF file size: 1409 KB)

McCabe M Barrett D
CAA Scoring Strategies for Partial Credit and Confidence Levels (PDF file size: 932 KB)

McCabe M Lucas I
Teaching with CAA in an Interactive Classroom (PDF file size: 2196 KB)

McGrath P
Assessing Students: Computer Simulation vs MCQs (PDF file size: 387 KB)

Mitchell T Aldridge N Williamson W Broomhead P
Computer Based Testing of Medical Knowledge (PDF file size: 2939 KB)

Moreale E Vargas-Vera M
Genre Analysis and the Automated Extraction of Arguments from Student Essays (PDF file size: 2087 KB)

Palmer K Richardson P
On-line Assessment and Free-Response Input – a Pedagogic and Technical Model for Squaring the Circle (PDF file size: 1364 KB)

Parellada J
Standardization of physics exercises: Dynamical generation of data (PDF file size: 1213 KB)

Parsons R
Self, Peer and Tutor Assessment of Text Online: Design, Delivery and Analysis (PDF file size: 1320 KB)

Ricketts C Filmore P Lowry R Wilks S
How should we measure the costs of computer aided assessment? (PDF file size: 548 KB)

Russell M Bullen P
Improving student success through implementation of weekly, student unique CAA tutorial sheets (PDF file size: 2014 KB)

Sealey C Humphries P
‘At the Coal Face’ Experiences of Computer-based Exams (PDF file size: 3223 KB)

Sim G Malik N Holifield P
Strategies for large-scale assessment: an institutional analysis of research and practice in a virtual university (PDF file size: 1089 KB)

Smailes J
Strategies for engaging students in computer based assessment – Stage 1, Taking stock (PDF file size: 1551 KB)

Thomas P Paine C Price B
Student Experiences of Remote Computerbased Examinations (PDF file size: 1306 KB)

Thomas RC Milligan C
Online Assessment of Practical Experiments (PDF file size: 975 KB)

Warburton B Conole G
CAA in UK HEIs – The State of The Art? (PDF file size: 1023 KB)

Wiles K Ball S
Constructing Accessible CBA: minor works or major renovations? (PDF file size: 886 KB)

Young A Cafferty S
Simulation as a tool for Computer Assisted Formative Assessment: First Aid as a case study (PDF file size: 1034 KB)