A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

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Presentation Files for 8th CAA Conference 2004

Presentation files require Microsoft PowerPoint. The list is incomplete as some presenters used laptops.

Presenter Files
Randy Bennett Do the Scores Mean the Same Thing If We Use the Computer
(PowerPoint file size: 572 KB)
Randy Bennett
Frank Jenkins
Hilary Persky
Andy Weiss
Scoring Simulation Assessments
(PowerPoint file size: 795 KB)
David Green
Dave Pidcock
Aruna Palipana
Loughborough University
The role of CAA in Helping Engineering undergraduates to Learn Mathematics
(PowerPoint file size: 253 KB)
Stephen Bruce
Napier University
Assessing Confidence in the Chinese Learner
(PowerPoint file size: 772 KB)
Glenn K. Baggott and Richard C. Rayne
University of London
Student perceptions of computer-based formative assessments in a semi-distance module
(PowerPoint file size: 549 KB)
J.J.Trinder, J.V.Magill, S.Roy
University of Glasgow
Old Hat in a Brave New World – the Impact of Technology Ageing in Managed Learning Environments
(PowerPoint file size: 2824 KB)
Chris Ricketts
Sally Wilks
Adrian Freeman
University of Plymouth
How can CAA support the acquisition of medical knowledge in an integrated medical curriculum?
(PowerPoint file size: 380 KB)
Chris Ricketts
University of Plymouth
Stan Zakrzewski
London Metropolitan University
How do the risks of a web-based CAA system differ from those of a closed network system?
(PowerPoint file size: 551 KB)
Christine Ward, Steve Lay, David Keech BS7988 – Time for a Review?
(PowerPoint file size: 15 KB)
Chye-Foong Yong &
Colin A Higgins
University of Nottingham
Self-assessing with adaptive exercises
(PowerPoint file size: 132 KB)
Mike Peppiatt
Data rich reporting following rules based marking
(PowerPoint file size: 2221 KB)
Gavin Sim & Phil Holifield Piloting CAA: All Aboard
(PowerPoint file size: 336 KB)
Ian Harwood & Bill Warburton
University of Southampton
(PowerPoint file size: 262 KB)
Niall Sclater
Jalshan Sabir
TOIA Demonstration
(PowerPoint file size: 164 KB)
Jeremy Williams
Universitas 21 Global
The Asynchronous Discussion Board as an Assessment Tool: A Critical Appraisal
(PowerPoint file size: 2591 KB)
Carolyn May and Dr Kevin Palmer
Yale College
Using Learning Styles to Improve On-line Learning Through Computer Assisted Diagnosis
(PowerPoint file size: 239 KB)
Laura Naismith
Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Learning (CETADL)
Chris Sangwin
LTSN Math, Stats & OR Network
Computer Algebra Based Assessment of Mathematics Online
(PowerPoint file size: 732 KB)
Mariana Lilley
Trevor Barker
Carol Britton
University of Hertfordshire
(PowerPoint file size: 517 KB)
Margaret Sampson Report on a software prototype which utilises an innovative approach to reducing opportunities for plagiarism
(PowerPoint file size: 279 KB)
Pete Thomas
with help from
Neil Smith & Kevin Waugh
Drawing Diagrams in an Online Examination
(PowerPoint file size: 210 KB)
Phil Davies & Stuart Lewis
University of Glamorgan
Computerised Peer-Assessment that supports the rewarding of evaluative skills in Essay Writing (C.A.P.) & Programming (Coursemarker)
(PowerPoint file size: 1120 KB)
Qingping He and Peter Tymms
University of Durham
The Development of A Computer Assisted Design, Analysis and Testing System for Analysing Students’ Performance
(PowerPoint file size: 1306 KB)
Richard C. Rayne and Glenn Baggott
University of London
Computer-based and computer-assisted tests to assess procedural and conceptual knowledge
(PowerPoint file size: 3286 KB)
David Walker, Margaret Adamson
Richard Parsons
University of Dundee
Staff Education: Learning about Online Assessment - Online
(PowerPoint file size: 1148 KB)
Richard Walker & Gustav Delius
University of York
Integrating on-line assessment with class-based learning: a preliminary study of the AIM marking system
(PowerPoint file size: 795 KB)
Robert Harding
TSAT Project and ITAL Unit Interactive Technologies in Assessment and Learning
Assisting Admissions Decisions
(PowerPoint file size: 1003 KB)
Sandra Pattinson
Animal Production and Science Group
Harper Adams University College
The use of CAA for formative and summative assessment: student views and outcomes.
(PowerPoint file size:111 KB)
Stephen Bruce
Napier University
Assessing Confidence in the Chinese Learner
(PowerPoint file size: 667 KB)
Wayne Ellis
Improving Results with Positive Directed Feedback in Summative Assessments
(PowerPoint file size: 149 KB)
Wayne Ellis & Mark Ratcliffe
University of Wales
An Anonymous Approach to Group Based Assessment
(PowerPoint file size: 1082 KB)