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Proceedings for 8th CAA Conference 2004

Foreword: Myles Danson


Keynote Speaker Profile: Randy Bennett


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Ashton HS Beevers CE Schofield DK Youngson MA
Informative Reports – Experiences from the Pass-It Project (PDF file size: 183 KB)

Bacon RA
Responding to Student Expectations for Assessments (PDF file size: 40 KB)

Baggott G Rayne R
Student Perceptions of Computer-based Formative Assessments in a Semi-Distance Module (PDF file size: 27 KB)

Bampton K
A Low Technology Computer Assisted Marking Strategy for Law Essays (PDF file size: 80 KB)

Bennett R
Do the Scores Mean the Same Thing if We Use the Computer? (PDF file size: 11 KB)

Bennett R Jenkins F Persky H Weiss A
Scoring Simulation Assessments (PDF file size: 11 KB)

Booth P
Zealous Pursuit: A Commercial Perspective on e-Learning Standards (PDF file size: 486 KB)

Boyle A Russell T Smith S Varga-Atkins T
The eLearning Place: Progress Report on a Complete Systems for Learning and Assessment (PDF file size: 281 KB)

Bruce S
Assessing Confidence in the Chinese Learner (PDF file size: 62 KB)

Cann AJ
Extended Matching Sets Questions for Numeracy Assessments (PDF file size: 17 KB)

Davies P Lewis S
Computerised Peer-Assessment that Supports the Rewarding of Evaluative Skills in Essay Writing (CAP) and Programming (Coursemaker) (PDF file size: 22 KB)

Ellis W Ratcliffe M
Improving Results with Positive Directed Feedback in Summative Assessments (PDF file size: 25 KB)

Ellis W Ratcliffe M
An Anonymous Approach to Group Based Assessment (PDF file size: 16 KB)

Farrell G Leung YK
A Comparison of Two Student Cohorts Utilizing Blackboard CAA with Different Assessment Content: A Lesson to be Learnt (PDF file size: 98 KB)

Greenhow M Gill M
Setting Objective Tests in Mathematics Using QM Perception (PDF file size: 243 KB)

Gur BS Van Schaack AJ
Approaches to Assessment of Online Learning: Conceptual Challenges (PDF file size: 69 KB)

Harding R
Thinking Skills Tests for University Admission (PDF file size: 51 KB)

Harwood I Warburton B
Thinking the Unthinkable: Using Project Risk Management when Introducing Computer-assisted Assessments (PDF file size: 147 KB)

He Q Tymms P
The Development of A Computer Assisted Design, Analysis and Testing System for Analysing Students’ Performance (PDF file size: 95 KB)

Lay S
Question and Test Interoperability: Introducing Version 2 of the IMS QTI Specification (PDF file size: 25 KB)

Lilley M Barker T Britton C
The Generation of Automated Student Feedback for a Computer-Adaptive Test (PDF file size: 210 KB)

Maughan S Mackenzie D
Bioscope: The Assessment of Process and Outcomes using the TRIAD System (PDF file size: 642 KB)

McCabe M Horowitz H Beakes C
Dynamic CAA and Peer Supported Learning in Interactive Classrooms (PDF file size: 418 KB)

Naismith L Sangwin CJ
Computer Algebra Based Assessment of Mathematics Online (PDF file size: 33 KB)

Palmer K May C
Using Learning Styles Theory to Improve On-line Learning through Computer Assisted Diagnosis (PDF file size: 458 KB)

Pattinson S
The Use of CAA for Formative and Summative Assessment – Student Views and Outcomes (PDF file size: 92 KB)

Peppiatt M
Data-Rich Reporting and Standards Setting Following Rules-Based Marking (PDF file size: 178 KB)

Pidcock D Palipana A Green D
The Role of CAA in Helping Engineering Undergraduates to Learn Mathematics (PDF file size: 54 KB)

Rayne R Baggott G
Computer-based and Computer-assisted Tests to Assess Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge (PDF file size: 20 KB)

Ricketts C Wilks S Freeman A
How Can CAA Support the Acquisition of Medical Knowledge in an Integrated Medical Curriculum? (PDF file size: 17 KB)

Ricketts C Zakrzewski S
How do the Risks of A Web-based CAA System Differ from those of a Closed Network System? (PDF file size: 22 KB)

Roads M Winkley J
Item Banking for Innovative Items and Examinations in the UK (PDF file size: 646 KB)

Sampson M
A Report on a Software Prototype which Utilises an Innovative Approach to Reducing Opportunities for Plagiarism (PDF file size: 101 KB)

Sargeant J McGee Wood M Anderson SM
A Human-computer Collaborative Approach to the Marking of Free Text Answers (PDF file size: 140 KB)

Sclater N MacDonald M
Developing a National Item Bank (PDF file size: 53 KB)

Sclater N Sabir J
TOIA Workshop: Gain Hands-on Experience Using the Freely Available Interoperable Online Assessment Tool (PDF file size: 23 KB)

Sim G Holifield P
Piloting CAA: All Aboard (PDF file size: 83 KB)

Thomas P
Drawing Diagrams in an Online Examination (PDF file size: 85 KB)

Thomas R Ashton HS Austin B Beevers CE Edwards D Milligan C
Assessing Higher Order Skills Using Simulations (PDF file size: 58 KB)

Trinder JJ Roy S Magill J
Old Hat in a Brave New World – The Impact of Technology Ageing in Managed Learning Environments (PDF file size: 27 KB)

Walker D Adamson M Parsons R
Staff Education – Learning About Online Assessment, Online (PDF file size: 37 KB)

Walker R Delius G
Integrating On-line Assessment with Class-based Teaching and Learning: A Preliminary Study of the AiM Marking System (PDF file size: 45 KB)

Ward C Lay S Keech D
BS7988 (A Code of Practice for the use of Information Technology in the Delivery of Assessments) - Time for a Review? (PDF file size: 23 KB)

Williams JB
The Asynchronous Discussion Board as an Assessment Tool: A Critical Appraisal (PDF file size: 27 KB)

Yong CF Higgins CA
Self-assessing with Adaptive Exercises (PDF file size: 53 KB)