A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Presentation Files for 9th CAA Conference 2005

Presentation files require Microsoft PowerPoint. The following files were provided by those participants wishing to disseminate their presentations. The list is necessarily incomplete.

Bacon RA
Discriminative Marking of Numeric Problems (PowerPoint file size: 106KB)

Baruah N Ellis E Gill M Greenhow M
Recent Developments insetting and using Objective Tests in Mathematics using QM Perception (PowerPoint file size: 128KB)

Boyle A
A Personal Agenda for E-Assessment Research (PowerPoint file size: 54KB)

Boyle A
Sophisticated Tasks I E-Assessment: What are they? And what are their benefits? (PowerPoint file size: 236KB)

Brettell S Durham J McHanwell
“Well Nobody Reads Learning Outcomes Do They?” – An Evaluation of CAA and its Feedback on Directed Student Learning (PowerPoint file size: 42KB)

Chapman G
Drivers and Barriers to the Adoptation of Computer Assisted Assessment for UK Awarding Bodies (PowerPoint file size: 993KB)

Crisp V Ward C
The PePCAA Project: Formative Scenario-Based CAA in Psychology for Teachers (PowerPoint file size: 1165KB)

Davies P
The Continual Assessment of Confidence or Knowledge with Hidden MCQ? (PowerPoint file size: 422KB)

Davies P
Weighting for Computerized Peer-Assessment to be Accepted (PowerPoint file size: 843KB)

He Q Brna P
The Development of a Fraction Testing and Tutoring System (PowerPoint file size: 431KB)

Knight S
Case Studies of Effective and Innovative Practice (PowerPoint file size: 330KB)

Lucas I
Criterion SM Online Writing Evaluation – a Web-Based Service for Real-Time Evaluation of English-Writing Skills, Providing Instant Diagnostic Feedback and Scoring (PowerPoint file size: 1803KB)

Sim G Strong S Holifield P
The Design of Multimedia Assessment Objects (PowerPoint file size: 227KB)

Thomas R Ashton H Austin B Beezers C Edwards D Milligan C
Cost Effective use of Simulations in Online Assessment (PowerPoint file size: 232KB)

Tselonis C Sargeant J McGee Wood M
Diagram Matching for Human-Computer Collaborative Assessment (PowerPoint file size: 2981KB)

Turau V Fahrenholtz D Venzke M
Online Assessment for University Admission: Gols, Problems and Experience (PowerPoint file size: 354KB)

Tsopanoglou, A., Ypsilandis, G.S. and Mouti, A
Degrees of Incorrectness in Computer Adaptive Language Testing (PowerPoint file size: 145KB)

Wild F Stahl C Stermsek G Neumann G
Parameters Driving Effectiveness of Automated Essay Scoring with LSA (PowerPoint file size: 3177KB