A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

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Proceedings for 9th CAA Conference 2005

Foreword: Myles Danson, CAA Manager and Conference Director, Loughborough University

Advisory Committee and Reviewers

Keynote Speaker Profile: Sharon Shrock
Keynote Speaker Profile: William Coscarelli


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Bacon RA
Discriminative Marking of Numeric Problems (PDF file size: 79KB)

Ball S
A Checklist for Inclusive Assessment: Getting Started with Accessibility (PDF file size: 41KB)

Baruah N Ellis E Gill M Greenhow M
Recent Developments insetting and using Objective Tests in Mathematics using QM Perception (PDF file size: 154KB)

Batchelor M
E-Assessment Glossary (PDF file size: 14KB)

Beetham H
Building a Roadmap for E-Assessment (PDF file size: 14KB)

Boyle A
A Personal Agenda for E-Assessment Research (PDF file size: 23KB)

Boyle A
Sophisticated Tasks I E-Assessment: What are they? And what are their benefits? (PDF file size: 299KB)

Brettell S Durham J McHanwell
“Well Nobody Reads Learning Outcomes Do They?” – An Evaluation of CAA and its Feedback on Directed Student Learning (PDF file size: 235KB)

Bryan N Glasfurd-Brown G
The SPRInTA Project: Supporting Student Assessment through a Portal (PDF file size: 59KB)

Chapman G
Drivers and Barriers to the Adoptation of Computer Assisted Assessment for UK Awarding Bodies (PDF file size: 108KB)

Conole G
Evaluation of the Scottish Pass-IT Assessment Project (PDF file size: 52KB)

Conole G Sclater N
Using Evaluation to Inform the Development of a User-Focused Assessment Engine (PDF file size: 57KB)

Coscarelli W Barrett A Kleeman J Shrock S
The Problem of Saltatory Cut-Score: Some Issues and Recommendations for Applying the Angoff to Test Item Banks (PDF file size: 61KB)

Crisp V Ward C
The PePCAA Project: Formative Scenario-Based CAA in Psychology for Teachers (PDF file size: 128KB)

Davies P
The Continual Assessment of Confidence or Knowledge with Hidden MCQ? (PDF file size: 160KB)

Davies P
Weighting for Computerized Peer-Assessment to be Accepted (PDF file size: 118KB)

Davies WM Howard Y Davis HC Millard DE Sclater N
Aggregating Assessment Tools in a Service Orientated Architecture (PDF file size: 54KB)

Doolan MA Barker T
Evaluation of Computing Students Performance using Group Based Learning Online and Offline (PDF file size: 74KB)

Douce C Livingstone D Orwell J Grindle S Cobb J
A Technical Perspective on ASAP – Automated System for Assessment of Programming (PDF file size: 60KB)

Draaijer S Boter J
Questionbank: Computer Supported Self-Questioning (PDF file size: 1112KB)

Farrell G Farrell V Leung YK
A Comparison of Blackboard CAA and an Innovative Self Assessment Tool for Formative Assessment (PDF file size: 720KB)

Fill K Brailsford S
Investigating Gender Bias in Formative and Summative CAA (PDF file size: 69KB)

He Q Brna P
The Development of a Fraction Testing and Tutoring System (PDF file size: 76KB)

Howard Y
FREMA – Developing an E-Assessment Reference Model (PDF file size: 25KB)

Knight S
Case Studies of Effective and Innovative Practice (PDF file size: 14KB)

Lilley M Barker T Britton C
Automated Feedback for a Computer-Adaptive Test: A Case Study (PDF file size: 105KB)

Lucas I
Criterion SM Online Writing Evaluation – a Web-Based Service for Real-Time Evaluation of English-Writing Skills, Providing Instant Diagnostic Feedback and Scoring (PDF file size: 20KB)

McAlpine M Ware M
The Maths Itembanking Project: A Work in Progress (PDF file size: 69KB)

McGee Wood M Sargeant J Jones C
What Students Really Say (PDF file size: 524KB)

Nicol D
Re-Thinking Technology-Supported Assessment Practices in Relation to the Development of Self-Regulated Learning (PDF file size: 18KB)

Pellow AJ Smith EM Beggs BJ Fernandez-Canque HL
Assessment of A-Priori and Dynamic Extended Learner Profiling for Accommodative Learning (PDF file size: 142KB)

Pérez D Alfonseca E
Adapting the Automatic Assessment of Free-Text Answers to the Students (PDF file size: 160KB)

Sclater N Boyle E Bull J Church C Craven P Cross R Danson M Halliday L Howie I Kelly JX Lay S Massey M McAlpine M McDonald D MacDonald M Rogers S White S
Defining the Infrastructure for a National Item Bank Service (PDF file size: 82KB)

Sclater N
Conceptualising Item Banks (PDF file size: 121KB)

Sherratt R Jeyes S
Assis – Facilitating Next Generation Learning Experiences (PDF file size: 28KB)

Shrock S Coscarelli W
Testing Triage: Greater Assessment Effectiveness at Lower Cost (PDF file size: 43KB)

Sim G Strong S Holifield P
The Design of Multimedia Assessment Objects (PDF file size: 85KB)

Thomas R Ashton H Austin B Beezers C Edwards D Milligan C
Cost Effective use of Simulations in Online Assessment (PDF file size: 92KB)

Trinder J Roy S Magill J
Using PDAs for CAA: Practicalities, Disasters, Apathy (PDF file size: 32KB)

Tselonis C Sargeant J McGee Wood M
Diagram Matching for Human-Computer Collaborative Assessment (PDF file size: 655KB)

Turau V Fahrenholtz D Venzke M
Online Assessment for University Admission: Gols, Problems and Experience (PDF file size: 70KB)

Warburton B Conole G
Whither E-Assessment (PDF file size: 65KB)

Wild F Stahl C Stermsek G Neumann G
Parameters Driving Effectiveness of Automated Essay Scoring with LSA (PDF file size: 232KB)

Williams JB
Foiling the Free Riders: Early Experience with Compulsory Peer Assessment at an Online Business School (PDF file size: 61KB)

Woodger SC Ashton HS Beevers CE
Issues in Question Design within a National High-Stakes Programme (PDF file size: 19KB)