A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Presentation Files for 10th CAA Conference 2006

Presentation files require Microsoft PowerPoint. The following files were provided by those participants wishing to disseminate their presentations. The list is necessarily incomplete.

Armenski GS Gusev M
E-Testing based on Service Oriented Architecture (PowerPoint file size: 2193KB)

Batmaz F Hinde C J
A Diagram Drawing Tool for Semi-Automatic Assessment of Conceptual Database Diagrams (PowerPoint file size: 232KB)

Bryan N Glasfurd-Brown G Sellens M
The SPRInTA Project: Engaging Students in Formative Assessment: Strategies and Outcomes (PowerPoint file size: 3756KB)

Chapman G
e-Assessment Acceptance & Usage (PowerPoint file size: 663KB)

Downton A Glasford-Brown G Mossop R
Online Coursework Submission from Pilot to University-wide Implementation: Rationale, Challenges and Further Development (PowerPoint file size: 193KB)

Farrell G
A Comparison of an Innovative Web-based Assessment Tool Utilizing Confidence Measurement to the Traditional Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Problem Solving Questions (PowerPoint file size: 1108KB)

Harrison G Gray J
A Computer-assisted Test for Accessible Computer-assisted Assessment (PowerPoint file size: 3093KB)

Hermet M Szpakowicz S
Symbolic Assessment of Free-text Answers in a Second Language Tutoring System (PowerPoint file size: 130KB)

Hill S Ware M
Identifying E-assessment Development Priorities through User Evaluation (PowerPoint file size: 133KB)

Johnson R Johnson S
Generalise not Specialise: Design Implications for a National Assessment Bank (PowerPoint file size: 826KB)

Mann H Glasfurd-Brown G
Learning from Assessment: Evaluating the Benefits of DALI (Diagnostic Assessment Learning Interface) (PowerPoint file size: 291KB)

McAlpine M van der Zanden L
Itembanking Infrastructure: A Proposal for a Decoupled Architecture (PowerPoint file size: 1798KB)

McGee Wood M Jones C Sargeant JReed P
Light-weight Clustering Techniques for Short Text Answers in Human Computer Collaborative (HCC) CAA (PowerPoint file size: 2505KB)

Moody J Swift J
Development of Web Browsing Techniques to Capture Responses in the Context of English Language Skills Assessment (PowerPoint file size: 84KB)

Nicol Dr D
Assessment for Learner Self Regulation: Enhancing the First Year Experience Using Learning Technologies (PowerPoint file size: 181KB)

Pickard P
Assessment to Improve Self Regulated Learning (PowerPoint file size: 1449KB)

Sim G Read JC Holifield P
Evaluating the User Experience in CAA Environments: What Affects User Satisfaction? (PowerPoint file size: 400KB)

Warburton B
Quick win or Slow burn? Modelling UK HE CAA uptake (PowerPoint file size: 190KB)

Whaley H Walker D
Development of a Web-based Groupwork Assessment Tool (PowerPoint file size: 1722KB)

Wheadon C He Q
An Investigation of the Response Time for Maths Items in A Computer Adaptive Test (PowerPoint file size: 177KB)

Whitehouse G
Intelligent Paper, Pens and Ink (PowerPoint file size: 2989KB)

Whitelock D Brasher A
Developing a Roadmap for e-Assessment: Which Way Now? (PowerPoint file size: 854KB)

Wilks S Mattick K Marshall R
Has Online Self-Assessment Helped Medical Students’ Engagement with Clinico-Pathological Conferences (CPCs)? (PowerPoint file size: 2131KB)

Wynne L Lopes S
Implementing Large Scale Assessment Programmes (PowerPoint file size: 2806KB)