A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

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Proceedings for 10th CAA Conference 2006

Myles Danson
CAA Manager and Conference Director, Loughborough University

Advisory Committee and Reviewers


Papers are PDF documents and may be accessed individually, or together in one large document. PDF documents will open in a new browser window.

Full Proceedings (PDF file size: 7516KB)

Andrew M
Online Assessment of Laboratory Coursework in Microbiology: A Case Study (PDF file size: 117KB)

Armenski GS Gusev M
E-Testing based on Service Oriented Architecture (PDF file size: 46KB)

Ashton H Thomas R
Bridging the Gap between Assessment, Learning and Teaching (PDF file size: 71KB)

Barker T Lilley M
Measuring Staff Attitude to an Automated Feedback System Based on a Computer Adaptive Test (PDF file size: 115KB)

Baruah N Gill M Greenhow M
Issues with Setting Online Objective Mathematics Questions and Testing their Efficacy (PDF file size: 155KB)

Batmaz F Hinde C J
A Diagram Drawing Tool for Semi-Automatic Assessment of Conceptual Database Diagrams (PDF file size: 106KB)

Boyle A
An Evaluation of the Formative Functions of a Large-scale On-screen assessment (PDF file size: 23KB)

Bryan N Glasfurd-Brown G Sellens M
The SPRInTA Project: Engaging Students in Formative Assessment: Strategies and Outcomes (PDF file size: 44KB)

Chapman G
Acceptance and Usage of e-Assessment for UK Awarding Bodies – A Research Study (PDF file size: 18KB)

Chew E Jones N
Generic Model of Computation for Intelligent Computer Aided Progress Assessment (iCAP) (PDF file size: 696KB)

Conole G de Laat M Darby J Dillon T
In-depth Case Studies of Students’ Use of Technology to Support Assessment (PDF file size: 35KB)

Conole G Falconer I Jeffrey A Littlejohn A
Use Cases as a Means of Capturing e-Assessment Practices and Identifying Appropriate Web Services (PDF file size: 24KB)

Davies W M Davis H C
QuestionBuddy – A Collaborative Question Search and Play Portal (PDF file size: 100KB)

Dechter C
The Mobile Wireless Classroom: Pocket PC’s in Higher Education (PDF file size: 27KB)

Downton A Glasford-Brown G Mossop R
Online Coursework Submission from Pilot to University-wide Implementation: Rationale, Challenges and Further Development (PDF file size: 2672KB)

Draaijer S van Boxel P
Summative Peer Assessment Using `Turnitin’ and a Large Cohort of Students: A Case Study

Ellis E Greenhow MHatt J
Exportable Technologies: Mathml and SVG Objects for CAA and Web Content (PDF file size: 225KB)

Farrell G
A Comparison of an Innovative Web-based Assessment Tool Utilizing Confidence Measurement to the Traditional Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Problem Solving Questions (PDF file size: 174KB)

Harrison G Gray J
A Computer-assisted Test for Accessible Computer-assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 38KB)

Head S Ogden C
Development of a Student-searchable Database of Veterinary MCQ’s with Educational Feedback for Independent Learning (PDF file size: 56KB)

Hermet M Szpakowicz S
Symbolic Assessment of Free-text Answers in a Second Language Tutoring System (PDF file size: 71KB)

Hill S Ware M
Identifying E-assessment Development Priorities through User Evaluation (PDF file size: 49KB)

Johnson R Johnson S
Generalise not Specialise: Design Implications for a National Assessment Bank (PDF file size: 1103KB)

Khan S
Maple TA: A Springboard for Web Based Testing and Assessment (PDF file size: 17KB)

MacKenzie D Stanwell M
QuickTrI and Intelligent Shell System (ISS) from Innovation 4 Learning. Building on Practical Experience (PDF file size: 15KB)

Mann H Glasfurd-Brown G
Learning from Assessment: Evaluating the Benefits of DALI (Diagnostic Assessment Learning Interface) (PDF file size: 35KB)

Martin H
Formative Assessment Using CAA: An Early Exploration of the SLIM Pilot Project (PDF file size: 43KB)

McAlpine M van der Zanden L
Itembanking Infrastructure: A Proposal for a Decoupled Architecture (PDF file size: 87KB)

McGee Wood M Jones C Sargeant JReed P
Light-weight Clustering Techniques for Short Text Answers in Human Computer Collaborative (HCC) CAA (PDF file size: 397KB)

McGill L
Overview of JISC Assessment activities (PDF file size: 22KB)

Mogey N Sarab G
Exams, Essays and Tablet Computers – Trying To Make the Pill More Palatable (PDF file size: 32KB)

Moody J Swift J
Development of Web Browsing Techniques to Capture Responses in the Context of English Language Skills Assessment (PDF file size: 44KB)

Nicol Dr D
Assessment for Learner Self Regulation: Enhancing the First Year Experience Using Learning Technologies (PDF file size: 63KB)

Osborne C Winkley J
Developments in On-Screen Assessment Design for Examinations (PDF file size: 669KB)

Pickard P
Assessment to Improve Self Regulated Learning (PDF file size: 30KB)

Qudrat-Ullah H
System Dynamics Based Learning Environments: A Technology for Decision Support and Assessment (PDF file size: 50KB)

Sangwin CJ
Mathematical Question Spaces (PDF file size: 105KB)

Sclater N Butcher P Thomas P Jordan S
Moodle: Enhancing the Assessment Capabilities of the Leading Open Source Virtual Learning Environment (PDF file size: 17KB)

Shepherd E
Innovations in E-Assessment (PDF file size: 16KB)

Sim G Read JC Holifield P
Evaluating the User Experience in CAA Environments: What Affects User Satisfaction? (PDF file size: 135KB)

Trinder JJ Magill J Roy S
A Call to Arms for Handheld Devices (PDF file size: 34KB)

Tulloch I
CATS - Constructing Assessments using Tools and Services (PDF file size: 50KB)

Warburton B
Quick win or Slow burn? Modelling UK HE CAA uptake (PDF file size: 108KB)

Whaley H Walker D
Development of a Web-based Groupwork Assessment Tool

Wheadon C He Q
An Investigation of the Response Time for Maths Items in A Computer Adaptive Test (PDF file size: 123KB)

Whitehouse G
Intelligent Paper, Pens and Ink (PDF file size: 721KB)

Whitelock D Brasher A
Developing a Roadmap for e-Assessment: Which Way Now? (PDF file size: 126KB)

Whitelock D Mackenzie D Whitehouse C Ruedel C Rae S
Identifying Innovative and Effective Practice in e-Assessment: Findings from Seventeen UK Case Studies (PDF file size: 54KB)

Wills G Davis H Chennupati S Gilbert L Howard Y Jeyes S Millard D Sherratt R Willingham G
R2Q2: Rendering and Reponses Processing for QTIv2 Question Types (PDF file size: 148KB)

Wynne L Lopes S
Implementing Large Scale Assessment Programmes (PDF file size: 15KB)