A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

Past Events

Presentation Files for 11th CAA Conference 2007

Presentation files require Microsoft PowerPoint. The following files were provided by those participants wishing to disseminate their presentations. The list is necessarily incomplete.

Bertolo E Lambert G
Implementing CAA in Chemistry: A Case Study (PowerPoint file size: 2032KB)

Boyle A
The Formative Use of e-Assessment: Some Early Implementations, and Suggestions for How We Might Move On (PowerPoint file size: 328KB)

Boyle A
Principles for the Regulation of e-Assessment: An Update on Developments (PowerPoint file size: 489KB)

Davies P
Review of the Computerized Peer-Assessment of Essays. Will it have an Effect on Student Marking Consistency? (PowerPoint file size: 1061KB)

Dermo J
Benefits and Obstacles: Factors Affecting the Uptake of CAA in Undergraduate Courses (PowerPoint file size: 186KB)

McAlpine M Glauert J Jennings V Thomas N Rabin A
Incorporating Avatar Signing Into Assessment Items (PowerPoint file size: 145KB)

McAlpine M
The use of Wikis for Assessing Collaborative Learner Achievement (PowerPoint file size: 149KB)

Whitelock D Watt S
Open Mentor: Supporting Tutors with their Feedback to Students (PowerPoint file size: 157KB)