A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment

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Proceedings for 11th CAA Conference 2007

Farzana Khandia
Conference Director, Loughborough University

Advisory Committee and Reviewers


Papers are PDF documents and may be accessed individually, or together in one large document. PDF documents will open in a new browser window.

Full Proceedings (PDF file size: 8089KB)

Al-Amri S
Computer-based vs. paper-based testing: are they the same? (PDF file size: 102KB)

Armellini A Jones S Salmon G
Developing Assessment for Learning through e-Tivities (PDF file size: 261KB)

Ball S
Accessibility in E-Assessment (PDF file size: 242KB)

Barker T Lee S
The Verification of Identity in Online Assessment: A Comparison of Methods (PDF file size: 261KB)

Baruah N Greenhow
Exploring the Potential, Limitations and use of Objective Questions in Advanced Calculus (PDF file size: 146KB)

Bedford S Price G
A Study into the Use of Computer Aided Assessment to Enhance Formative Assessment during the Early Stages of Undergraduate Chemistry Courses (PDF file size: 261KB)

Bertolo E Lambert G
Implementing CAA in Chemistry: A Case Study (PDF file size: 104KB)

Boyle A
The Formative Use of e-Assessment: Some Early Implementations, and Suggestions for How We Might Move On (PDF file size: 166KB)

Boyle A
Principles for the Regulation of e-Assessment: An Update on Developments (PDF file size: 73KB)

Chew E Jones N
The Marriage of Freire and Bloom: An Assessment Prototype for Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Higher Order Thinking (PDF file size: 187KB)

Cowan P
Using CAT for 11-Plus Testing in Northern Ireland: What Are the Issues? (PDF file size: 87KB)

Craig N
What’s New in e-Assessment? From Computer-Marking to Innovative Item Types (PDF file size: 49KB)

Davies P
Review of the Computerized Peer-Assessment of Essays. Will it have an Effect on Student Marking Consistency? (PDF file size: 320KB)

Dermo J
Benefits and Obstacles: Factors Affecting the Uptake of CAA in Undergraduate Courses (PDF file size: 78KB)

Ekins J
The use of Interactive On-line Formative quizzes in Mathematics (PDF file size: 588KB)

Elliott B
Modernising assessment: the use of Web 2.0 for formative and summative assessment (PDF file size: 137KB)

Fluck A
Can Tertiary e-Assessment Change Secondary School Cultures? (PDF file size: 128KB)

Gomersall B
Assessment and Learning: Is Assessment an Afterthought or is it at the Heart of the Learning Process? (PDF file size: 1044KB)

Guest E Brown S
A new Method for Parsing Student Text to Support Computer-Assisted Assessment of Free Text Answers (PDF file size: 163KB)

Hackett E Seddon P
From Online Entries to Online Results (PDF file size: 180KB)

Harrison G Gray J
An Improved Computer-Assisted Test for Accessible Computer-Assisted Assessment (PDF file size: 150KB)

Hepplestone S Mather R
Meeting Rising Student Expectations of Online Submission and Online Feedback (PDF file size: 204KB)

Heron C
A Hardware Solution for Access to CAA for Students with Reduced Manual Dexterity due to Acute Neurodisability – A Case Study (PDF file size: 127KB)

Jones S
Diagnosing and Developing the IT Skills of New Entrants to Higher Education (PDF file size: 110KB)

MacKenzie D Stanwell M
QuickTrI A Visual System for the Rapid Creation of e-Assessments and e-Learning Materials (PDF file size: 45KB)

McAlpine M Glauert J Jennings V Thomas N Rabin A
Incorporating Avatar Signing Into Assessment Items (PDF file size: 127KB)

McAlpine M
The use of Wikis for Assessing Collaborative Learner Achievement (PDF file size: 130KB)

McAndrew Terry
Assessment with Mobile Devices: Interactive Podcasting & Formative Assessment - Two Low Threshold Activities? (PDF file size: 24KB)

McLaughlin P Kerr W Howie K
Fuller, Richer Feedback, More Easily Delivered, using Tablet PCs (PDF file size: 265KB)

Meyer J Ziman M Fyfe S Fyfe G Plastow K Sanders K Hill J
Implications of Patterns for use of Freely Available Online Formative Tests for Summative Tasks (PDF file size: 130KB)

Ruedel C Whitelock D Mackenzie D
Key Factors for Effective Organisation of e-Assessment (PDF file size: 286KB)

Scheuermann F Guimaräes Pereira
Quality aspects of Open Source Testing Tools (PDF file size: 134KB)

Schmid F Mitchell T Whitehouse J Broomhead P
EXAMONLINE: e-Enabling “Traditional” HE/FE Examinations (PDF file size: 511KB)

Shepherd E
Blended Delivery Meets e-Assessment (PDF file size: 64KB)

Tselonis C Sargeant J
Domain-Specific Formative Feedback through Domain-Independent Diagram Matching (PDF file size: 217KB)

Whitelock D Watt S
Open Mentor: Supporting Tutors with their Feedback to Students (PDF file size: 157KB)

Williams J Bedi K
Using Digital Storytelling as an Assessment Instrument: Preliminary Findings at an Online University (PDF file size: 203KB)

Wills G Bailey C Davis H Gilbert L Howard Y Jeyes S Millard D Price J Sclater N Sherratt R Tulloch I Young R
An e-Learning Framework for Assessment (FREMA) (PDF file size: 807KB)

Wills G Davis H Gilbert L Hare J Howard Y Jeyes S Millard D Sherratt R
Delivery of QTIv2 Question Types (PDF file size: 837KB)

Yu X Lowe J
Computer Assisted Testing of Spoken English: A Study to Evaluate the SFLEP College English Oral Test System in China (PDF file size: 110KB)