A two day conference for practitioners and developers of e-Assessment


The event programme for the 2008 International CAA Conference is available in HTML format, the PDF version will shortly follow:

Note This programme is provisional and may be subject to change.

Day 1: 8th July 2008

2008 CAA Conference Programme - Day 1
Time/Location Activity
Registration and Coffee
10.30 Introduction and Welcome
11.00 Parallel Papers
DERWENT A: Paper Session: Enhancing Language Learning
  • a1: Providing Effective Feedback on Whole-Phrase Input in Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Alison Fowler
  • a2: GLO (Grammar Learning Online). Integrating Language Learning Functionality with QuestionMark™ Perception. Jo Spiller
  • a3: Question Types in English Language Diagnostic Testing. Mary McGee Wood and John Morley
AVON B: Paper Session: Provision of Effective Student Feedback
  • b1: The Benefit of Screen Recorded Summaries in Feedback for Work Submitted Electronically. Wesley Kerr and Paul McLaughlin
  • b2: Towards Quicker, Better Assessment Using Audio Feedback. Bob Rotheram
  • b3: Electronic Marking of Mathematics Assignments Using Microsoft Word 2007. Tim Lowe, Ben Mestel and Gaynor Arrowsmith
SWIFT C: Experiences from the Commercial Sector
13.15 Lunch
14.15 Parallel Papers
DERWENT D: Paper Session: Service Oriented Architectures / Standards
  • d1: Data Modelling, GUI Design and Use Case Issues in Developing AQuRate (A QTI V2 Authoring Tool). Alsop G, Annesley J et al
  • d2: Assessment Delivery Engine for QTIv2 Tests. Gary Wills, Jonathon Hare et al
AVON E: Paper Session: Implementation of CAA / Staff Development
  • e1: Factors Associated with the Introduction of On-Line Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessment in the Medical Sciences Division University of Oxford. Vivien Sieber and Damion Young
  • e2 : Enjoyable Online Staff Development in e-Assessment with Feedback. Christina Mainka, Mark de Groot and Gill Harrison
SWIFT F: Paper Session: National Initiatives
  • f1: Can e-Assessment Become Mainstream? Helen Ashton, Cliff Beevers and Ruth Thomas
  • f2: National Strategy for Metadata Interoperability: A Scottish Partnership. Linn van der Zanden, Lorna Renton, Jackie Graham and Richard Clegg
16.15 Parallel Papers
DERWENT G: Paper Session: Diagram Processing Tools
  • g1: Automatic Assessment of Sequence Diagrams. Pete Thomas, Neil Smith and Kevin Waugh
AVON H: Paper Session: Novel use of MCQ
  • h1: Constructive Multiple-choice Testing (CMT) System. Jooyong Park
SWIFT I: Paper Session: Pedagogy
  • i1: e-Pedagogy and e-Assessment. Bobby Elliot
17.00 Close


Day 2: 9th July 2008

2008 CAA Conference Programme - Day 2
time/location activity
09.30 Parallel Papers
DERWENT J: Paper Session: Adaptive Testing
  • j1: Computer Adaptive Testing in Higher Education: The Validity and Reliability of the Approach. Trevor Barker
  • j2: Designing and Using Adaptive Tests for Large Scale Formative Assessment – 1999 to 2008. John Winkley, Bob Rainbow and Husam Baki
AVON K: Paper Session: Accessibility and Usability of CAA Applications
  • k1: Evaluating the Accessibility to Disabled People of e-Assessment Tools. David Sloan and David Walker
  • k2: Heuristics for Evaluating the Usability of CAA Applications. Gavin Sim, Janet C Read and Phil Holifield
SWIFT L: Paper Session: Item Banks and Question Sharing
  • l1: Minibix: Item Banking with Web Services. Steve Lay, William Billingsley, Raymond Chan and Dan Sheppard
  • l2: Towards a Properly Web 2.0 Way of Creating and Sharing Questions. Steve Bennett and Vamsikrishna Nuthi
11.30 Parallel Papers
DERWENT M: Paper Session: Handwriting Versus Typing
  • m1: Handwriting or Typing Exams – Can We Give Students the Choice? Nora Mogey, Mike Purcell, Jessie Paterson and John Burk
  • m2: Typing Versus “Digital Inking”: Computerized Handwritten Testing on the Tablet PC. Panagiotis Siozos, George Palaigeorgiou, George Triantafyllakos and Theofanis Despotakis
AVON N: Paper Session: Open Source Developments
  • n1: Online Assessment at the Open University Using Open Source Software: Moodle, OpenMark and More. Phil Butcher
  • n2: Putting Pedagogy in the Driving Seat with OpenComment: An Open Source Formative Assessment Feedback and Guidance Tool for History students. Denise Whitelock and Stuart Watt
SWIFT O: Paper Session: Embedding Assessment in Learning
  • o1: The Computerized Peer-Assessment of Digital Storytelling in Higher Education. Phil Davies
  • o2: An Online Student Portfolio for the Development and Assessment of Engineering Graduate Attributes. Stuart Palmer, Dale Holt, Wayne Hall and Clive Ferguson
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Parallel Papers
DERWENT P: Paper Session: Confidence Level Assessment
  • p1: Convergence of Validity for the Results of a Summative Assessment with Confidence Measurement and Traditional Assessment. Graham Farrell and Ying Leung
AVON Q: Paper Session: Architectures and Frameworks
  • q1: Secure, Reliable and Effective Institution-Wide e-Assessment: Can Thin Client Technology Provide the Key? John Dermo and Sara Eyre
SWIFT R: Workshop
  • r1: Gaining Institutional Support for CAA. Andy Wilson
Closing Note/Champagne Draw/Coffee